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Title:Automatic EVA Double-color Foam Injection Moulding Machine

Introduction Technical Application Other ino.

1. Injection system
   The measuring mechanism, which adopts potentiometer detection,       along with PLC and PC, can compute and control material entering     precisely. With the introduction of the worm gear decelerator,                  coordinated with the brake motor, the two injectors run at a high speed     under thecontrol of Pulse Encoder. Orientation is of high accuracy. 
2. Mould clamping system
   The two-step speedy mould opening/clamping mechanism with             detection device of full mould opening.
   Enlargening mould design size can be consistent with varied                 moulds flexiblely at a high compatibility.
3. Computer-control system 
    The PLC control module works through a graphic display interface       to show all monitoring information and setting conditions: material        input amount, injection temperature, mould temperature, operation      time, output, mould data, etc. all operation processess can be              controlled and performed on the touch screen, besides, the                  operation instructions are easy to be learned. Thanks to the                  man-machine interface, maintainance and malfunction detection           could be easily learned, which will save adjustment time. 
   Multistage code control can be set according to different                       management hierarchies from operators, maintainance men to             managers to avoid man-made negligence but so as to keep                    production information safe.
4.  Hydraulic system (Oil pressure system)
 By adopting proportional controlling valve, also with the support           of computer control system, the hydraulic system can accurately           keep control of the flow of multistage pressue and speed. pumps,        designed independently, are used to keep down noise but increase

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